Solid Sound

A state of the art professional sound system that sounds amazing. We use only the best equipment.


A modern and magnificent lighting setup to dazzle everyone's eyes. Complete with spectacular colours and moving lights.


With the aid of industry contacts, we are able to fulfill most production requests.

Professional Setup

A professional looking setup with no tripping hazards and no ugly orange cables. We take pride in how our setup looks.

Friendly Staff

Our staff are friendly, dependable, and knowledgable. We are here to answer any questions you may have.


We're an affordable solution to your production needs. We give you more bang for your buck without sacrificing quality.

Types of Events

Whether you are a school, a community center, or a theatre group, Tastic is ready to help. With the aid of wireless mics and professional sound setup, your show will be taken to the next level.
Whether you are a school, a community center, or a theatre group, Tastic is there. With the aid of wireless mics, your show will sound crystal clear. We love the opportunity to support drama.

Does your band need a sound technician and equipment? Does your band have an important upcoming show? Tasic Events wants to be involved. Even if you are just playing in the local pub, our professional sound setup is ready to tackle it.
Need sound? Need lights? We have got you covered. Our sound and lighting technicians are ready to help any way we can.

...and more

Big Sound. Bright Lights.